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As of August 18th, 2023, this project has come to a close. We were able to raise a total of $95 and send out a total of 15 sets. Funds were used to cover the cost of shipping and the rest went to support the labor of the organizer, Sakile Broomes.


 To continue supporting Sakile and BlaqueX Nail Art, please feel free to spread the word about her work, check out her online shop​ and/or donate.

The Black Joy Project is a free press on distribution program started by Sakile Broomes in  2020 in response to the pandemic and social turmoil of that time. With the help of donations, Sakile was able to send out 6 free press on sets to Black folx.

This year Sakile has collaborated with five nail artists to expand the reach of this project. Read more about the artists who have helped make this project a reality here


This is a US based project but if you are a Black person located outside of the US and are interested in receiving a free set, please join the waitlist and Sakile will contact the nail artist for the sets you are interested in and see if it is possible for them to mail you a set.

Below are the sets available and ways to donate.


As of August 18th, 2023, this project has come to a close. All sets have been claimed.


Request a set by joining the waitlist below. Each set is 1 of 1 . Shape and length are as pictured unless otherwise stated.  Please indicate your first and second choice. Please be mindful that these free sets are for self-identified black folx. This project relies on your integrity.


This project is made possible by your donations. Please consider sponsoring a set and supporting the work of each nail artist. Some nail artists have requested not to receive donations but please find the information below for those that could use your support. The suggested donation amount is $65 USD to cover the cost of materials and shipping but anything is welcome. Thank you!

You may donate directly to the artist of your choice or send your donation to me to be distributed amongst the artists.




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