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"Elevated Basics" Glamour Magic Press On Nails

  • Single color set enchanted with glmaour magic.


    These colors will be added to the catalog gradually as I work with the energy of each color. If you do not see your desired color please inquire about it.




    COZY: A mix of sensual and grounded.

    ROSE: For self love and full self acceptance. This enchantment is about standing in your authority

    SPRING: New beginnings & richness. This enchantment is about possibility.


    About BlaqueX Glamour Magic Sets:


    Glamour magic press on nails combine magical intention and nail art. Think of the colors as ingredients and each brushstroke as a spell. Each detail is chosen to enchant each set with a particular energy. For best results, add your own intention as you apply and wear your set.


    Shape & Length Guide:


    Square: Earth  (grounding)

    Coffin: Fire (action, passion)

    Round/Almond: Air (logic, discernment)

    Stiletto: Water (receptive)


    Short: focus, inner world

    Medium: balance

    Long: confidence, attraction


    Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for RTS sets. You'll be updated on the status of your order when it is shipped.


    A new sizing kit is required for each unique shape and length since sizing varies slightly between shapes and lengths. Sizing kits are included in every order. Please send your sizes over via email and/or include them in the notes section of your press on order. Your sizes will be kept on file for future orders.

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