How far do you travel? Do I have to pay a travel fee?

Currently I travel to the Bronx, Manhattan, and select parts of Brooklyn as long as it takes no more than an 1 hour to get to your location. At the moment I do not require a travel fee.

What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

Please call or text if you have any last minute changes to your appointment. Please keep in mind that if you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your deposit. Before the 24 hours you may reschedule your appointment up to one time; after that you will have to request a new appointment.

How do I secure my appointment?

A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for all services and is forfeited if your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled. You will be charged for the balance of your service at the end of your appointment.

How to book/become a private client?

Initial Steps:

  1. Book a consultation via my booking page
  2. Receive appointment confirmation email from

After the consultation:

I will shoot you an email letting you know whether or not I’ll be able to take you on as a private client. Once you have been notified that you are a private client, you’ll be able to schedule your appointments on my booking site for the time and date you’d like.

General Questions

Do you do pedicures?

At the moment I do not offer pedicures.

Do you do extentions?

At the moment I only work on the natural nail but I am hoping to be able to offer this service in 2021.

What if my polish chips?

Unfortunately, I do not do polish fixes for regular polish. However if your gel polish chips within a week please shoot me an email with a photo of your nails and we can schedule an appointment from there. I can be reached at

What if I already have gel polish on my nails?

If you already have gel polish on your nails please make sure to book a gel soak off with your appointment so that I can bring the appropriate materials and allot the appropriate amount of time for your appointment. Please keep in mind that I do not remove acrylic or hard gel.

Can I choose my nail polish color(s) beforehand?

Yes! It is completely encoraged that you do. To see what colors I have visit here. I will always bring a couple options with me so if you're not sure or have a couple colors in mind, that's okay too.


Have a question we didn’t answer?

Don’t hesitate to email us at


I'm sick, should I keep my appointment?

If you are not feeling well please let me know as soon as possible, especially if you are contagious.

What if I have cuts on my hand?

By law, if you have any open wounds on your hands I am not allowed to perform services on you due to risk of contamination.

How do you clean your tools?

All nonporous implements are properly sanitized with soap and water, disinfected with a hospital grade, epa registered disinfectant, and then sterilized according to state law. Since, I am on the go my tools are quickly disinfected after a service and placed in a safe place to be cleaned, re-disinfected and sterilized later on. I use disposible tools where possible.

Nail Rehab

How do I become a nail rehab client?

Please email photos of your bare nails to and book a nail rehab consultation. After the appointment we'll schedule recurring sessions based on what best suits for your needs.

What does nail rehab include?

Nail rehab is more than just a nail treatment and requires effort on both parts. I will assist by proviing a nail care kit, nail treatment, check-ins and at-home nail care tips. Appointments consist of nail care targeted to your needs. You will keep up with maintainance in between appointments.

Shipping, Refunds & Returns

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment I am unable to offer internationail shipping.

What is your turn around time?

All items are made to order with the exception of nail care tools. With that in mind turnaround time is 1-3 weeks and you will be updated on the status of your order when it is shipped. Each product is made with lots of intention and care, hand-made and packed by one person so please be mindful of this when sending inquiries.

Returns & refunds:

All items are final sale for hygienic purposes. If you have any issues please email us at

Lost/damaged packages:

USPS is used for shipping items. As shipping is a service you are purchasing from USPS, BlaqueX cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged packages or any other errors caused by USPS. We are also not responsible if incorrect shipping information is provided. If any issues should arise please email us at and we will do our best to guide you to the best course of action (i.e. filing a claim with USPS).

Press Ons & Nail Stickers

Can I request a custom press on design?

Currently, I am not accepting requests for custom designs. Please note that the colors of designs listed cannot be customized.

Press on wear best practices:

DO wear gloves when washing dishes. DON'T use your nails as tools (i.e. opening soda tabs, peeling stickers etc.) DO moisturize your hands and nails DON'T apply cuticle oil directy after applying press-ons. Wait a couple hours or until the nail glue is completly dry.

Should I buy nail glue or glue tabs?

This answer depends on how long you intend to wear your press ons and how you intend to take care of your natural nails. To ensure nail health, adhesive tabs are recommended but do have a shorter wear time (1-5 days). Nail glue has a longer wear time (1-2 weeks) and hence is more difficult to remove. This means it requires more care and patience when removing. When removing press ons never force them off. It should pop off with light pressure from the cuticle stick when removing as directed.

How long do they stay on?

When applied according to the directions: 1-5 days with glue tabs 1-2 weeks nail glue

Are your press ons reusable?

Yes! As long as the appropriate removal instructions are followed. Instructions are included with each set.

When will there be new designs?

New designs are released at random on specific dates. Dates will always be announced. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know!

How many of each press on set is made?

Only one of each design is made. Each set is first come first served. Join our mailing list to get a head start on when new designs will be available. I might even include a sneak peek ;)

Allergic reactions:

Please note that by purchasing a set you agree that BlaqueX will not be held responsible for damage or adverse reactions due to incorrect application, removal or wear. Remove immediately if experiencing discomfort.


Are you taking appointments?

Yes! I am now accepting new clients for BlaqueX Mobile. Book a consultation to get started.

What safety measures are you taking for COVID-19?

In addition to my normal sanitation practices, masks are required to be worn at all times during your service. I will also do a temperature check upon arrival.