There are 3 tiers of packages available for purchase depending on the severity of damage.


Tier 1 - Slightly Damaged nails

Tiers 2  - Mildly Damaged nails

Tier 3 - Severely Damaged nails


​All tiers must start with a consultation.

From there we will schedule reoccurring nail session based on your needs.

Each tier's package consists of specialized nail care, a series of nail treatments, gel enhancements (if applicable), at home nail care tips and  a take home nail care kit.

Tier 1, the Fresh Start package, is  1 nail session.

Tier 2, the Extra TLC package, is  2-3 nail sessions over 4 to 6 weeks.

Tier 3, the Commitment package, is 4-6  nail sessions over 10 to 12 weeks.

My nail rehab program is designed to help clients improve damaged nails.


- Peeling/flaking 

- Ridges/dents 

- Thin nails that easily bend 

- Frequent hangnails 

- White spots 

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